Please donate as much as you can, understanding that each $10 produces a T-Shirt that says " I'm Alive. Let Me Survive " to be given to someone who lives in a high crime area.

We are always available. Please contact us to help or for help.
Call 314-995-5013 for details.

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  • 4. Let’s drastically reduce death by Gun violence by increasing respect. For life through positive messages.

The T-Shirt

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Grace Chapel Ministries was Founded thirty-five years ago to connect with vulnerable people in low-income communities and provide resources to meet their most basic needs. Its mission is to ensure that the most vulnerable can improve their quality of life. What started as an anti-poverty ministry has expanded to address other issues that plague our communities and threaten quality of life…...violent crime and gun violence being paramount.

Gun violence is one of the most significant threats to quality of life in America today.


Grace Chapel Ministries is a faith-based organization seeking to bring awareness, to educate and to be a catalyst for change. Its vision is to ensure that all Americans can live safely in their communities without fear of gun violence and violent crime.